The Stuff We Do


Instagram Ranking

Atlas Birch originally came together in early 2016 to help manage Instagram accounts for a large corporation. Since managing the accounts, the management company now has influence over 38 million users. Our instagram influencer ranking service can do more than just get you followers on instagram..... we can, and are, using our posts to drive organic traffic to 3rd sites, increasing its' SEO value.


Search optimization

If you're a business owner, you've probably had some snot-nosed kid come into your office telling you about how bad your website is performing, or that he can fix it for a nominal monthly fee. Well, here at Atlas Birch, were not going to solicit unethically.... actually, we never solicit. if you don't get the results you sign up for, you get a 100% refund. And we have never refunded any of our clients.


Video Flight Production

Video Flight Production is the name of our in-house video production team. Their job is to create several videos to tie into a campaign for instagram, twitter, facebook, google ads, and organically on your website. We cut and edit the videos precisely for the use of a blanket campaign.


Social MEdia MAnagement

Your company needs to put out regular content for users to find you, relate to your company, and become long-term clients. Many companies want to have a strong online presence, but fail when operations get in the way. We can help to grow your social media and company in as little as three weeks.